WHAT'S THE POINT? Wellbeing Program

Weekly Units


Week 1: What is your dream?


Week 2: What are your limitations?


Week 3: What are the conditions you place upon yourself? 


Week 4: What constitutes your identity?


Week 5: Ego and The Authentic Self


Week 6: Body, Mind and Soul


Week 7: What if the world had no limits? 


Week 8: Plan of Action


Week 9: Debrief and Presentations 


What's The Point?

9 Week Wellbeing Program for 14-16 year old students 


About the Program


In 2013, we travelled to 250 schools nation wide and heard the question "What's the Point?" being asked over and over again by students across all parts of Australia. We believe that it's up to you to pave a path and connect to your own 'point' (purpose).


After consulting over 50 000 young people in rural, regional and central parts of Australia, The Rogue & Rouge Foundation has identified the key barriers that prevent young people from believing in themselves and their dreams. After putting this research together, it’s apparent that a more in-depth program is essential to convey our message in a meaningful and lasting way to students.


Throughout the 9 week program, students will also be asked to set a goal to proactively achieve that will benefit either their direct school community or broader community. Students will receive time each week during the program hours to work towards this goal with the support of the program facilitators and volunteers.


Mission: Every young person will understand their true potential, break through limited conditioning and belief systems, to pursue their dreams and develop an individual purpose in life.


Vision: To create a generation that question the status quo, become curious towards social conditioning and understand that their voices paves and shapes the future.




  1. Facilitate a positive space to allow young people to develop their own purpose

  2. Break through limited belief systems that prevent young people from thriving

  3. Instill a community conscience amongst the group


Time: The program will run for 9 weeks, each week having a unique theme with unique objectives. Each week will carefully and accurately prepare the student for the following week.


Demographic: This program is specially designed for grade 10 and 11 (14-16 year olds) 



























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