The Rogue & Rouge Foundation is a firm believer that as a community that continues to grow and change, we as individuals need to support and guide eachother. Therefore we have developed a mentoring system where young people can have access to mentors, contact us and depending on avaliability be given the opportunity to meet or speak to a suited mentor at least once a fortnight for advice or even just a friendly chat. 

Kerrie Davis

The influences during my journey have been personal, spiritual and professional and began with my childhood that was basically happy but had an undercurrent of tension and misery. In the past I have felt fearful, lonely, unworthy, angry, insecure, sad and anxious. Now I feel strong, secure, hopeful and happy. My love for myself has grown and my appreciation for everything from a roof over my head to a loving relationship has grown ten fold. I desperately want to help others struggling with mental issues as I did, to find peace and to have hope for their future. I'm currently studying to become a councellor. 

Sharon Gibson
Nicole Gibson

Nicole Gibson started The Rogue & Rouge Foundation in 2011, at the young age of 18, after suffering with mental health challenges for most of her teenage years. In 2013, Nicole developed a nationwide educaton tour, Sunsuper's Champions for Change, to inspire young people aroud the country to begin implementing social change projects within their communities, to develop a supportive and inclusive culture. The tour saw Nicole speak to 250 schools and have an impact on 50 thousand young people. 


"I have a dream that one day every teenager will look in the mirror and smile. I won't stop fighting for the young people of Australia and i am always willing to help anyone that is struggling. I know firsthand what it is like to not feel worthy and i don't want our countries future growing up thinking they can't achieve their dreams and passions." 


For more information on how to get in contact with Nicole click here.

Sharon Gibson, is a mother of 3. Sharon was inpsired to become a mentor to young people after watching her own daughter suffer. After studying a certificate in counselling, Sharon realised just how common these issues are amongst our youth. 


For more information on how you can begin a conversation with Sharon click here.

Loren Tier 
Ella Young 

Ella, is a 22 year old female with a background in health and nutrition. She is an active member of the health industry and operates personal training services across the Gold Coast and Brisbane region. Growing up Ella, travelled alot and spent most of her teenage years in boarding schools across the country. 


"I know first hand what it is like to struggle as a teenager and i am doing everything i can to ensure that young people enjoy their school years." 


Ella is bubbly, fun and enjoys all types of sport, especially American Gridiron Football. 


For more information on getting in contact with Ella as a mentor please click here. 


Loren, is a 24 year old female, who is determined to make this world a better place for the young people growing up today. After studying a Bachelor's degree in Communications majoring in Marketing and Public Relations, she started working within the social sector to highlight how we can help eachother as a community. In 2013 Loren, travelled with the Champions for Change team across the nation, speaking to young people about making positive social change in their community. 


"We met the most amazing young people, with incredible dreams and passions, no matter the region or town we were in i realised that the same problems exist in terms of young people suffering. If we worked together to create inclusive and supportive communities these rising statistics would begin to decline."


For more information on how to get in touch with Loren click here.

Jayde DeBondt 
Sharon Gibson

Jayde DeBondt, is an active member of The Rogue & Rouge Foundation's family. She has just finished her bachelors degree in Communications and Marketing at Bond University, enjoys athletics and always willing to have a chat. Jayde has witnessed the affect that mental health challenges can have on people firsthand after loosing a close friend in 2012. 


"I know how hard it is to watch someone you know go through mental health challenges and any support i can give someone in the community to help, then that's something i am definitely willing to contribute towards." 


For more information on how to get in touch with Jayde please click here. 


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